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What is Building Rank?

It is a company that employs engineering cadres for the purpose of inspecting existing buildings, under construction, or planned for construction, and this is done through several services that are provided according to the condition of the building.

What types of buildings do Building Rank services include?

1- Residential buildings and facilities.
2- Commercial buildings.
3- Industrial buildings.

What services does Building Rank provide?

1- Comprehensive inspection.
2- Humidity Check and water leaks.
3- Electrical systems inspection.
4- Specialized structural inspection.
5- Quality control and quality assurance services.
6- Management Projects.

Who are the targeted entities for inspecting residential, commercial and industrial buildings?

1- The current owners of buildings or facilities, either for maintenance purposes or to ensure all existing works and their safety.
2- Those wishing to purchase a specific building.
3- Engineers and engineering offices wishing to reconfigure a building, property, or facility (whether for the purposes of... Design, utility change, or renewal).
4- Contractors wishing to raise the efficiency and quality of the work assigned to them, by conducting periodic tests of the work and receiving it in accordance with international standards and recommendations of the manufacturers of the materials that are used.
5- Owners ( Whether they are independent persons, developers, or investors in the real estate sector) who are approaching the construction process or are in the middle of it, this is done by conducting periodic tests of the work that is being completed by the contractor/contractors, and giving them the necessary guidance to raise performance and improve the efficiency of the work that they are completing.

What are the advantages of obtaining residential, commercial and industrial building inspection reports (BCA, PCA & FCA)?

1- Assistance in making the decision to buy or not for the group wishing to own a property through purchase.
2- Providing the negotiating advantage within the scope of a document with references to global and local standards, so that it gives the buyer the ability to negotiate the value offered, or the offeror (the owner). Consistency in value.
3- Helping owners and engineers make sound decisions during the process (redesign, utility change, or renovation) so that they have a complete understanding of all the systems in the building, their efficiency, their locations, and the mechanism for repurposing them - if possible - in a way that suits the needs of the building. The final form that the building will have.
4- Work to raise the quality of the work carried out on the ground during the construction phase and confirm their quality in accordance with international and local standards, in order to reach the highest level of sustainability for the building.
5- Provide a complete vision of Scheduling maintenance work for buildings in the short and long term.
6- Preparing operational cost reports for buildings.

Who is the inspection team and what is the work mechanism on site?

It is a team consisting of a minimum of three engineers (civil, mechanical, and electrical), which visits the site to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all internal and external elements, through the use of specialized devices, numbering more than 30 (specialized) devices distributed among the team’s specializations.

What are the criteria that are relied upon during the examination process?

It is based on: - ASTM E2018 standard for evaluating buildings, real estate and facilities. – ASTM E1527-13 standard, for evaluating and studying the surrounding environment and location of the building. - Jordanian national code.

What is the Building Rank based on when completing the examination?

The examinations carried out by our inspection teams in building standards are subject to non-destructive inspection, meaning that no damage is done to the building components as long as the initial indicators do not indicate the need to expand to the scope of destructive examinations.

What are non-destructive and destructive tests, and when to use them?

Destructive tests are tests and examinations that are carried out on the item by destroying and damaging it, in order to detect the problem. It is considered one of the expensive tests and is not recommended for use except in cases where it is impossible to apply non-destructive tests. As for non-destructive examinations, there are many methods and means that are not harmful and destructive to elements, for example (visual examinations, X-ray examination, ultrasound examination...etc.)

What businesses does the team examine?

1- Study the environment surrounding the building (topography of the site, measurement of carbon monoxide and dioxide, degree of disturbance, electromagnetic waves, availability of home services, etc.).
2- Ensure the external finishes of the building (building envelope).
3- Inspecting the structural structure.
4- Ensuring internal finishes (walls, floors, ceilings, etc.)
5- Examining the architectural structure and spatial distribution of elements (stairs, corridors, service spaces).
6- Reviewing systems Horizontal surfaces (water and thermal insulation).
7- Review of mechanical systems (ventilation and air conditioning).
8- Review of sanitary systems (plumbing).
9- Review of electrical systems.
10- Inspection of movement systems. Vertical (elevators, escalators, and moving walkways).
11- Conducting specialized inspections: detecting humidity, electrical energy leakage, heat leakage, etc.

What is the duration of the inspection inside the building, and are there any proactive measures that must be taken by the person requesting the inspection of the building (such as evacuating or unloading items)?

The inspection inside the building or facility usually takes 4-8 hours, depending on the area to be inspected, and it does not require any proactive measures from the building owner.

How many points are checked inside the building?

The work team checks more than 700 points inside the residential building, and may reach 3,000 points in commercial and industrial facilities, depending on the number and diversity of systems within the facility.

What is meant by 700 checkpoints?

Home elements within a single building are divided into the lowest element that can be placed on the international standard.

What distinguishes Building Rank company?

1- The examination is carried out using specialized devices, meaning that the inspection is not carried out theoretically only, but is based on the examiner’s experiences and the outputs of multiple inspection devices.
2- The use of computer programs that were built and developed at (Building Rank) company, which are programs built on standards Global and local, in order to avoid any human error that might occur.
3- Providing documented data on the results of the devices’ images and actual images of the observed damages.
4- Providing a complete treatment plan for the damaged elements, including the recommendations that must be followed, the materials used, the mechanism of their use, and the value. Estimated processing for each item.
5- Speed of response by receiving examination requests, booking them, determining the appropriate time, and payment via the website.
6- Speed of preparing the examination and technical support that is provided by the team of examiners to the examination applicant in the event of any inquiries. It concerns the inspection process, whether during or after the inspection.
7- A qualified and specialized engineering team for each specialty and trained in accordance with international standards.

How can I request the service?

Requests for residential buildings are received via Contact on the numbers on the website or through the Book Appointment option on the website, then filling out the required fields for booking. You can also add pictures and send them to us for the engineering team to review. We will contact you to confirm the appointment before Your visit will be on the date you specified. As for commercial and industrial buildings, coordination is made to conduct an initial visit with primary objectives based on field survey and data collection, through which data is collected in general and then a financial and technical offer is prepared and sent to the service seeker.

What is the value of the examination?

Comprehensive inspection prices start from 170 Jordanian dinars up to 280 dinars, depending on the area of the apartment. If the area of the apartment is more than 300 square meters, a price quote will be issued.
As for the prices of specialized inspections, our inspection for electrical leaks costs 100 Jordanian dinars, while the Humidity Check And leaks (for an apartment, 150 dinars - for an independent house, 220 dinars).
As for structural examinations, for residential buildings, it is 250 Jordanian dinars. However, if the area for which structural examinations are to be conducted is larger than the area of the residential building, a special price quote will be issued for it.

What is quality control service?

It is agreed upon either during the construction or pre-construction stage, so that Building Rank Company is responsible for all testing operations that take place inside the building, after the materials used are audited, inspected and tested, and then directing the site workers to the optimal mechanism for implementing the work, and then Then tests are conducted and a test certificate is granted to the service applicant.

What guarantees does the Building Rank inspection give?

The inspection conducted by our specialized team is merely an embodiment of the building’s current condition during the inspection process, and Building Rank guarantees the comprehensiveness of the report for all building elements, and the accuracy of the data given to the inspected elements.

Can I object to the results of the report?

You can object if some or all of what is stated in the report contradicts what is on the ground, and you have the right to request a re-examination if this contradiction is proven as a result of the examination team’s shortcomings.

Is the report clear to the examination applicant who is not familiar with the engineering sector?

It is not necessary for the applicant for the examination to have an engineering background to understand and interpret the points of the report, as it is directed to all categories, and is graded according to the engineering specialty and with references from the international and standard standards on which it was built.

If I would like to request an explanation of what was stated in the report and it was not clear to me?

The inspection team leader will be present to answer any questions and clarify any point mentioned in the report.

If I requested the service and the engineering team was unable to perform the work after arriving at the appointment due to circumstances that caused me to be a requester for the service?

When the engineering team arrives at the inspection site, it will wait for ten minutes to be received before leaving the site. The inspection date will be rescheduled and you will be notified of the new date. However, before the engineering team goes for the new appointment, half the cost of the inspection must be paid.

Can I cancel the examination appointment because I do not want to receive the service? What will be the procedure then?

You can cancel the examination by informing the company 24 hours before the examination date.

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