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What Is Property Inspection Service?

Property inspection is one of the services provided by our company. It will provide a thorough picture of all elements of the building through a comprehensive examination. This will help you understand the condition of this asset, its real value, and its problems. The great benefit that the customer will get from the property inspection service is as follows:

  • Our engineering team will examine the building and its systems to evaluate its condition and efficiency. They will develop a deep understanding of the building’s condition in terms of (structural, architectural, electrical, mechanical, and surrounding environment) so that the company’s client can know the defects of his property if he wants maintenance or to know the condition of a property he wants to buy. Thus, he can make an informed decision about the property before purchasing it

  • The client will receive a building condition report, which will be a great tool for negotiating the purchase price or maintenance costs, as property assets are often traded with significant deferred maintenance. The client’s knowledge of this information will give him sufficient understanding of the condition and age of the building and will help him obtain a future outlook on the property.

  • Our reports are very detailed and address building systems, including building location, structural elements, interior elements, roofing systems, plumbing, electrical, tanks, elevators/escalators and more.

Property Inspection - The Main Aspects That Our Engineers Rely on During the Inspection:

The process of evaluating the price of a particular property has always been one of the most difficult matters, because this issue has dimensions in all aspects. Starting from the importance of its location, passing through the quality of concrete and columns, all the way to the property’s electrical systems and the safety of its extensions. In addition to being free from leaks and moisture, but currently after scientific development that the world is witnessing and the availability of modern, non-destructive inspection devices that enable us to know all of the above, things have become easier. Our company has an expert staff in addition to modern equipment and engineering programs specialized in inspecting property. We will show below some of the aspects that the engineering team performs within property inspection services:

Inspecting Structural and Architectural Elements of the Property:

In conducting the inspection, we rely on qualified engineers who examine the building using advanced modern techniques that include tools, devices and equipment to carry out these works. Thus, its structural condition is evaluated in terms of examining the concrete, reinforcement steel, and collapses, identifying the locations of cracks and their causes, etc. Then placing all the results as pictures of the defects and methods of solution within the section on the architectural and civil systems standard within the report.

Inspecting Electrical Systems of the Property:

Any malfunction in the electrical systems in the building is very dangerous because it can lead to fires, so the team checks all electrical points within the property such as (grounding system - hidden cables - lighting, doors, switches - electrical leakage, etc.) using the latest electrical inspection devices. After completing the inspection process, the engineers prepare a report on all defects and ways to solve them and propose appropriate solutions in addition to recommendations aimed at the sustainability of electrical systems.

Inspecting Humidity of the Property:

Humidity poses serious problems to the property, because the humidity of the walls and ceilings leads to odors, peeling paint, rotting, and affects the layers of cement, the foundation of the building, ceramics, tiles, and other problems, which can lead to rusting of the steel reinforcement.

Our specialized team conducts a comprehensive inspection of the property using modern and advanced devices without the need to break tiles and ceramics, thus identifying the causes of moisture (external or internal, from sewage pipes, from rain drainage pipes, etc.), and providing a comprehensive report on all defects and proposing appropriate solutions for each problem at the lowest costs.

Inspecting Thermal Leak of the Property:

Thermal leakage is responsible for the entry of heat in the summer and cold in the winter through the roofs and walls of buildings, leading to high temperatures in the summer and extreme cold in the winter, which requires the consumption of more energy, which means high bills and costs.

The engineering team within the company inspects the property’s location and examines its walls and windows using advanced devices, which give engineers accurate information about the amount of heat leakage and its exact location, so that the engineers later analyze this information and place it in the report and suggest appropriate solutions.

Inspecting Plumping Elements of the Property:

Plumbing work is an important work because neglecting it exposes the property to many and varied problems in the future, including rot and unpleasant odors, in addition to causing problems in the concrete and affecting the property’s foundations.

When requesting the service, our team, equipped with sufficient equipment, inspects all external and internal sanitary installations and drains using the latest non-destructive devices, so that the location of the problem can be determined directly, because the presence of a defect means leakage and accumulation of water under the ceramics and tiles, which negatively affects the building and results in moisture problems. Including moisture in the walls and ceilings, and the engineers will include the results of their examination in the report within the mechanical services standard.

Inspecting Tanks of the Property:

Thus, ensuring that there is nothing that affects the building and leads to fetal problems.

Additional Information About the Service:

In addition to the previous checks, our qualified engineers team conducts a comprehensive examination of the ceilings and walls in terms of cracks and fissures, identifies their causes and proposes solutions for them, in addition to examining the insulation works, leaks and decorations for maintenance installations, examining the air conditioning, heating and extractor fans, examining doors, windows, thermal and sound insulation, locks, handles, the type and thickness of glass used, hinges, rails, etc.

Our engineers are distinguished by their efficiency, high professionalism, and honesty. They examine more than 700 points through the property inspection service, and all of this is done using more than 40 advanced devices. Then they prepare the inspection report using a program specially prepared for this purpose. The report is comprehensive for all the points mentioned, and is supported with pictures of the defects and suggestions for the steps that must be taken to avoid these defects, in order to preserve the building regardless of its type (residential - commercial - industrial - villa and others).

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