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Electricity Inspection - How Engineers Carry Out the Inspection Process:

We will explain how engineers carry out the electrical inspection of a building, and what work steps they take. Starting from the customer submitting a service request, through the engineer’s visit to the work site, and his inspection of the electrical system, all the way to issuing a comprehensive report on the work.

1. The Nature and Importance of the Work:

Building Rank’s electrical engineers work to examine the electricity, carefully evaluate it, and comprehensively examine all the electrical systems in the building (electrical cables and their suitability for drawing electrical current - the building’s main panel - all subpanels - electrical sockets, etc.). This work is considered crucial to ensuring safety and continuity. systems, avoiding any unwanted electrical incidents.

2. Inspecting Electrical Elements Using the Latest Specialized Equipment:

After the customer requests the service from the company, the electrical engineers go to the work site, and they have a set of modern devices, which they use to inspect all electrical points in the building or house. The importance of these devices lies in the fact that they inspect and identify the locations of electrical faults without causing any damage to the building. The devices used in examining electricity are non-destructive devices (such as a thermal imaging device), and after examining all points in the house, the devices give engineers a set of results to begin their journey in engineering analysis of electrical systems and their quality.

3. Study Plans and Match Them with Reality:

The engineer studies the electrical plans and compares them with reality, to ensure that reality matches the existing plans. This allows any deviation from the original design to be identified, thus ensuring that the customer ensures that his electrical system complies with international electrical safety standards. In the event of any defect or problem, it is dealt with directly.

4. Data Collection and Readings:

After examining the building's electricity on the ground, and obtaining the results from the devices. The engineer collects all necessary data and readings. This information forms the backbone of the engineering evaluation of the electrical system. This data forms the basis for subsequent analysis and taking the necessary measures to ensure the electrical safety of the building and the quality of its electrical systems.

5. Accurately Detect Errors and Provide Comprehensive Solutions:

The engineer accurately detects errors, provides a comprehensive and appropriate solution to every potential problem, and solutions are explained in precise detail, which helps in making the right decisions. Checking electricity in this way ensures that the company's client is aware of all electrical defects in the building. It is a precise process that does not tolerate error, as the safety of electrical systems is a very important topic, and Building Rank will ensure that the customer receives a comprehensive report.

6. Preparing the Report:

After the engineer returns to his office in the company and analyzes the data, he begins working on the company’s program and placing the information and work he has undertaken in the report on electrical systems. The program helps him in the process of careful analysis and organizing the engineering work to begin the process of preparing a comprehensive report on the condition of the electrical systems and all the electrical faults that were inspected on the ground. The report also includes technical analysis, discoveries, and recommendations for any necessary improvements or repairs. The customer will see in the report an explanation of his electrical system, for each point separately, and pictures of existing defects, problems, and ways to solve these problems.

Our work in the electrical systems standard aims to make the client aware of the current status of the building from an electrical standpoint and the results of the electrical inspection, and all information will be found in our report.

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