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What Is the Building Quality Inspection Service Structurally?

The main pillar of the property is its structural elements, so the most important thing is to inspect this structure and ensure that it is free of cracks and fissures, and to ensure the quality of the materials used to build on its foundation. Building Rank Company owns a wide range of modern devices, which engineers use to structurally inspect building quality.

Our specialized staff inspects the building quality from an architectural and civil perspective, and characterizes its ability to resist earthquakes according to the following:

First: Inspect the Quality of Construction and Evaluate the General Condition of the Building:

Using their devices, the engineers begin examining the underground building parts that form the building’s foundations, as they are responsible for transferring the building’s loads and weight from above the ground to the soil. The engineers make sure that all support bridges, columns, and foundations are properly integrated to ensure that no part below the ground’s surface collapses. And ensure the safety of the foundations.

In examining the quality of construction, BUILDING RANK also relies on the sensory detection standard to identify any problem that may exist in parts of the building above the ground. In the event of suspicion of a problem, samples are taken from the structural parts and soil to conduct tests in the laboratory. Among these defects are: It requires laboratory tests or a corrective structural study (cracks - the presence of uneven slumps - warping - any curvature in the roof or bridges). The tests can be destructive or non-destructive and are conducted on site or in the laboratory, and it is important to try not to harm the elements of the facility as much as possible.

One of the most important non-destructive tests is to inspect the quality of construction, which is carried out on hardened concrete to determine its quality, and to discover any problem in it. Several techniques provided by inspection devices are used, which are:

  • Hammer inspection to determine the strength of concrete.

  • Wave examination (ultrasound).

  • Scanning to detect rebar.

  • Reveal hidden items in walls.

  • Measure the width of cracks.

Second: Some Points That Engineers Will Evaluate When Requesting the Construction Quality Inspection Service for the Civil and Architectural Systems Standard:

  • Surface.

  • Car parks and skylights.

  • Examining and evaluating the strength of concrete in structural elements.

  • Inspecting and evaluating concrete slabs.

  • Inspection of the building envelope and external frame.

  • Inspecting and evaluating the general condition of the building.

  • The main entrance and the beginning of the stairs.

  • Living room points.

  • Inspecting and evaluating interior finishes.

  • Inspection and evaluation of thermal insulation.

  • Guest room points.

  • Inspection and evaluation of windows.

  • Checking and evaluating ventilation and sunlight entering the rooms.

  • Points for the guest bathroom and toilet.

  • Checking and evaluating ventilation and natural sunlight entering bathrooms.

  • Special points for the master bedroom.

  • Tile works.

  • Points for bathroom, master bedroom and toilet.

  • Points for children's bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Inspection and evaluation of walls.

  • Check the kitchen points.

  • Examine the main corridors.

  • Balcony inspection.

Thus, the engineers form a clear vision of the architectural and structural elements to arrive at a complete structural evaluation of the building through the construction quality inspection service. The data is placed in the report that will be given to the client so that he has a clear vision of the property from an architectural and civil perspective. Note that engineers will also check the following:

  • The quality of the soil and its ability to amplify or dampen seismic waves, the quality of the foundation’s connection to the structure, and an assessment of its strength.

  • Materials, components, the quality of materials used in construction, their resistance to earthquakes, and the durability and stability of non-structural components such as roofs, facades, and interior parts.

  • Identify weak points, potential problems that could affect the building, and its resistance to earthquakes.

Third: Benefits of the Construction Quality Inspection Service for the Client:

  • The structural elements, concrete strength, quality of materials, and solidity of the foundations are what tell you whether the property is good or not. It also helps owners understand the physical condition and value of their properties, and how to maintain them.

  • The company’s report, which the engineers will prepare, will show all the defects, documented with pictures, and how to solve these defects and eliminate weak points to bring the property to its best condition. The engineers will also provide a set of recommendations on how to preserve the building in the future.

How Do I Obtain a Construction Quality Inspection Service?

Peace of mind is what will be achieved by requesting our services because we adopt modern scientific foundations in examination and evaluation, and use the latest devices in the world. You can request the service through the website using the Book an Appointment page or by contacting our numbers on the website, or via social media. Contact us on social media and request a construction quality inspection service.

When requesting the service, the specialized engineers go to the work site, and they have a set of modern devices, which they use to inspect all the previous points in the building with high quality. After examining all the points, the devices give the engineers a set of results, which the engineers analyze, and then collect all the data on The company's program, and placing the information and work that was taken from the site in the report, with utmost accuracy, and this report serves as a powerful tool that shows the defects and subtleties through the construction quality inspection process that was implemented at the client's request, because it highlights all the current problems and defects. , and future.

Our report allows you to reach the best decisions regarding your property, whether you want to buy, sell, or maintain, and thus negotiate the best prices based on scientific insight and a complete report at your fingertips.

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