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What Is the Pre-Purchase Villa Inspection Service?

After your initial vision that a particular villa is suitable for you and your needs, comes the decision to make a purchase, which is the most difficult thing. Therefore, you need a scientific vision about how well the villa was built, whether the materials used in construction are good or not, and whether there are problems in this villa, so our company provides you with this service. Our engineering team inspects all points within the villa using the latest equipment to detect all defects and with high professionalism to ensure that the villa is ready for comfortable housing, so that your purchasing decision is based on your comfort and the safety of the structural and electrical structure, and that the property is free of water leaks, in addition to studying the surrounding environment. At the villa's location, our company can guarantee you a safe choice.

Knowing the condition of the villa before purchasing will give you peace of mind and save you a lot of burdensome costs, which are additional amounts to the price of the villa that you do not need. Providing you with a report through which you know the condition of the property is the specialty of Building Rank, which is presented to you after the engineers visit you. We inspect more than 700 points, using the most advanced equipment. We have the experience, high efficiency, and various equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection of villas before purchasing, and ensure the safety and quality of the villa in all respects.

The Process of Inspecting Villas Before Purchasing:

Inspecting villas before purchasing is a difficult process due to the large area, and it requires inspectors and engineers with excellent experience in this field, and we have this experience in addition to modern inspection devices, and thus you will get an accurate inspection result through our company Building Rank because we conduct a comprehensive inspection of all parts of the villa, and we provide You will receive a detailed report documented with pictures, including the following:

  • Structural inspection of the villa.

  • Electricity inspection.

  • Checking the moisture of walls and ceilings.

  • Water leaks inspection.

  • Plumbing inspection.

  • Checking tanks.

  • Swimming pool inspection.

  • Site and environment inspection.

Each inspector uses his equipment to conduct the previous checks, in order to obtain the best results, which are included in the report in a detailed and professional manner, documenting with photographs all defects and methods for resolving them.

Steps of the Process of Inspecting Villas Before Purchasing:

First - Inspect the Villa from the Outside:

  • Roof, gutters and insulation works.

  • Structural cracks.

  • Chimneys.

  • Water heater, pipes and tanks.

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system.

  • Balconies.

  • Exterior cladding.

Second - Inspecting the Villa from the Inside Includes:

  • Heating, cooling and thermal leakage systems.

  • Plumbing.

  • Checking the moisture of walls and ceilings.

  • Flooring.

  • Lighting and electrical installations.

  • Lampshades and locks.

  • Windows.

A Detailed Explanation of What the Inspection Report Will Include:

1. Inspect Villas Before Purchasing from An Architectural and Structural Standpoint:

What is meant by this is to inspect the columns, walls, and ceiling, to ensure that they are free of cracks and fissures, which affect the quality of the building, and can cause catastrophic problems in the future, and the situation could get worse to the extent of the building cracking and collapsing. We also provide the necessary recommendations to treat and restore them and prevent untoward consequences from occurring.

We also examine the courtyard surrounding the villa to ensure that there is no subsidence in the area adjacent to the villa, as it is important in maintaining the quality of construction, and that it is not exposed to problems that you do not need.

2. Checking the Humidity of Walls and Ceilings:

The specialized engineer detects places of moisture and searches for its causes because it negatively affects the building and its foundations. He also ensures the integrity of the insulation of roofs, walls, and floors, in addition to many other points.

3. Plumbing Inspection:

Sanitary installations in kitchens and bathrooms are considered one of the most important sources of moisture, so we carefully inspect all pipes and tubes in a professional manner without the need for breaking or destroying. This is done using advanced devices that operate with infrared thermal imaging, through which all defects are detected and their locations are determined. With extreme precision.

4. Swimming Pool Inspection:

There is a swimming pool in the vast majority of villas, so the inspection of villas before purchasing includes this inspection, and examining it is considered one of the most important matters, because the presence of defects affects the foundations of the villa and thus causes serious and catastrophic problems, and therefore we conduct a comprehensive examination of it in terms of the walls and floor, and make sure Ensuring the integrity of the insulation and the absence of any leaks, we also inspect the supply and drainage pipes.

5. Electricity Inspection:

Inspection of the villa’s electrical systems is very important, because any electrical problem could lead to a fire or damage to the electrical devices within the villa. Our team will examine the main panel of the villa, examine the subpanels, and internal extensions, and measure the extent to which the electrical cables can withstand the current draw. Ensure the quality of lighting and its suitability for consumption, in addition to detecting electrical leaks.

In addition to the above, our team inspects the garage and water tanks, ensuring that there are no water leaks, in addition to examining the environment surrounding the villa and ensuring that it is free of all types of pollutants. All the aforementioned information will be placed with careful evaluation in the villa inspection report before purchase.

Pre-Purchase Villa Inspection Report:

After you request the service from the company, the time you deem appropriate is set for our engineering team to come to the villa location to conduct a comprehensive inspection. After the engineers return from the inspection process, they analyze the results they obtained from the devices in addition to analyzing all defects, then they use the custom program. To check on their computers within the company's offices to put all the information and results, and an appointment is set to receive the inspection report, which in turn contains complete information about all defects and problems, and you are required to read it well and make an informed decision before taking the purchase step.

Villa Inspection Duration:

It consists of several hours of work within the villa to inspect all points of the villa, and the time period varies according to the area of the villa and the places to be inspected, and according to the number of floors, knowing that our inspectors have sufficient experience and competence to conduct a comprehensive and accurate inspection, and to reach all points of the villa from inside and outside, regardless of the difficulties. that you may encounter.

Ultimately, we would like to note that our services are provided to all real estate investors who wish to buy, rent or sell, and this investment is considered one of the large investments that require large sums of money, so it is necessary to be careful and not be dazzled by the general view and the beautiful decoration, because it is possible that there is something hidden. Greater, so do not hesitate and contact us through our numbers or email shown on the site, or through social media platforms. We are BUILDING RANK, the leading company in the Arab world in the field of building inspection, and our good reputation is due to the excellence of our staff and their high expertise, and because of our use of the latest international technology in this area and the company's report will be a turning point that enables you to negotiate the purchase price.

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