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We established our company because we care about you and your safety, and to ensure that you have a safe home free of problems and defects, so the safe choice was our motto.

We are the leading and first company in the field of property inspection, and we have a group of experienced engineers who inspect the property with extreme precision. We use the best international devices that can reach all points, starting from the public services surrounding the property all the way to the building. Then, we issue an inspection report that contains pictures and evidence of all visible and hidden defects. As our company performs all types of property inspection in the following aspects:

  • Study of property's structural quality.

  • Inspection of electrical installations.

  • Mechanical elements inspection.

  • Water Leaks Inspection

  • Heat leakage detection.

  • Plumbing inspection.

In addition to the continuous maintenance and improvement of real estate assets.

All previous examinations allow you to make an informed decision about the property and its condition. If you want to buy a property, the previous examinations and report help you make the right decision and thus the possibility of negotiating the price of the property.

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We Guarantee Your Safe Choice

Inspect the Property and Give Our Client a Comprehensive Report

Knowing the secrets and defects and ensuring the safety of the building in all its aspects is the goal of Building Rank Company, as it relies in its examinations on four main criteria to give you a comprehensive report that contains accurate details about all points in the building, using the latest devices in the world.

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    Company Branches

Architectural And Civil Systems Standard

The building's structural structure represents an important factor related to safety and integrity, which makes the building safe by being free of cracks and fissures.

Electrical Services Standard

Learn how the electrical inspection of the building detects defects and issues our electrical services report.

Mechanical Services Standard

Water leaks cause great damage to the building because of the humidity, odor, and damage to the structural structure of the property

Site and Environment Standard

The surrounding environment and location of the property are of utmost importance and through us you will learn more about the work of our engineers within this standard.


You Can Request a Comprehensive Inspecition or An Inspection of the following

Property Inspection باستخدام أحدث أجهزة الفحص العالمية

Property Inspection

(Residential buildings - independent houses - villas - commercial properties - industrial facilities), The comprehensive inspection will include all architectural, electrical, mechanical and site points of the property, and the comprehensive report resulting from the inspection will be given

Home Inspection من شركة Building Rank باستخدام أحدث أجهزة الفحص العالمية

Home Inspection

Apartment inspection within a building - independent house inspection
Our examining engineers will use the latest international technologies in order to inspect the house in all aspects (architectural - electrical - mechanical - surrounding environment

Old Building Inspection من شركة Building Rank باستخدام أحدث أجهزة الفحص العالمية

Old Building Inspection

Building inspection (architecturally, electrically, mechanically, and the environment surrounding the building)
Our examining engineers will use the latest international technologies to inspect the building, ensure the quality of construction, and present all the information resulting from the inspection in a detailed report

Electricity Inspection للتأكد من خلوّها من الأعطال

Electricity Inspection

It will include a comprehensive examination of:
Electrical cables and their suitability for drawing electrical current - the main panel of the building - all subpanels - electrical sockets, etc.

تسريبات الماء تسبب الرطوبة مما يسبب خطراً على البنية الإنشائية

Water Leaks Inspection

It will include a comprehensive examination of:
Pipes, pumps, tanks, water mixers, bathroom sets, inspection of waterproofing, sewage rooms, dampness and mold causes, in addition to inspection of the heating and air conditioning system upon request.

Construction Quality Inspection من الناحية المعمارية والإنشائية

Construction Quality Inspection

It includes a comprehensive structural examination of the following:
Inspection of the surface, concrete strength, building envelope, the main entrance, the beginning of the stairs and rooms, windows and tile work, evaluation of walls and balconies, inspection of building foundations and soil quality.

Villas Inspection Before Purchase باستخدام أحدث أنواع الأجهزة

Villas Inspection Before Purchase

The villa inspection will include the following:
Inspecting the villa in terms of architectural and civil systems, moving to inspect the villa electrically and ensuring that there are no electrical leaks or damage to the cables. In addition to inspection Leaks, humidity, site, environment, garden and swimming pool.

خدمة Project Management من شركة Building Rank

Project Management

This means that the company takes over the management of the client’s project in all its aspects, starting with organizing the work and leading multidisciplinary engineering work teams on the ground to reach the required project within the budget allocated to it.

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بلدنغ رانك, بلدنج رانك, بلدنق رانك, Building Rank

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